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The immune system is intimately linked to human health and diseases. The goals of the Chen lab are to understand the behavior of the immune system in inflammation, infection, pregnancy and cancer. Recent work from the lab has defined important regulators in the diversification of the antibody repertoire, and uncovered critical mechanisms that control the production of systemic and mucosal antibodies to combat infection. Additional studies in the lab have revealed new functions of immune cells in pregnancy. The lab has recently discovered diverse populations of maternal B lymphocytes in the decidua during human pregnancy and the function of these cells in promoting pregnancy to term.

We are based in the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center. Immunological concepts and technologies are integral to our work. We also collaborate with leading scientists and clinicians in the academia and the industry.

~ Current Research Areas ~

Humoral immune defects in immunodeficiencies and autoimmune diseases
Currently, we are focusing on understanding the processes of antibody diversification and production by B cells and how the regulation of such processes are defective in human primary and acquired immunodeficiencies and autoimmune diseases.

Immune regulation of pregnancy
A large number of reproductive and developmental disorders have an immunological basis. Leveraging our expertise in immunology, specific areas under investigation include the immunology of pregnancy and pregnancy complications, mucosal immunity in the female reproductive tract.

Maternal regulation of neonatal diseases
We want to understand the immunological interaction between the mother and the fetus during pregnancy, how changes in the mother's immune system, such as those seen in infections, allergies and cancer, impacts fetal development and contribute to neonatal diseases.

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